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broad spectrum of equipment on a rental basis

Creative Land Equipment Rental offers equipment and supplies for construction or events on a rental basis with a competitive pricing policy.

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A quality source of power is crucial to any business or industry. Renting a generator set can provide immediate power solutions for outages, shortages or special events. We offer a complete line of generators from 10 KVA to 1250 KVA to ensure maximum output under difficult and varied conditions.


CREATIVE LAND is looking forward to meet your power needs. We offer highly reliable and efficient generating sets operating on Diesel. All our generators are made in UK or USA and meet all quality standards viz BS4999, BS5000, BS5514, IEC34, NEMA MG-1.2.


We strive to satisfy all your power needs while ensuring

Customized solutions where needed

Trustworthy performance



High efficiency

Consistent delivery terms

We have different Range of Generators and it starts from 10 KVA -1250 KVA

Ex Stock availability up to 1250 KVA in Dubai.

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Air Compressors

Creative Land Equipment Rental uses air compressors of high quality and advanced technology. They are easy to install and customer-driven. Our stock of air compressors are capable to meet your varied requirements due to their wide range of options and features. 

Ranging from 160-950 CFM

Well-maintained as per manufacturer's recommendations

Regularly serviced

Quiet operation

Zone II certified 

Trolley-mounted for easy mobility

Accessories such as brakers (jackhammers), hoses, etc. 

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Tower Lights

Lighting towers are the perfect solution when large areas require illumination, they are ideal for a range of industries, however they are especially common on construction sites, TV and film sets, music festivals & events, farms and even by the emergency services.

At CREATIVE LAND we have a wide range of lighting towers that will help you find the perfect solution for your lighting needs.

Advanced design 

Safe and reliable operation 

Illuminates a large area 

Top brands

Heavy duty axles and chassis

Extendable height

Tower rotation

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Welding Machines

To power your onsite welding work, creative land welding machine provide a reliable and safe power source. Weather you require a small 150amps or a powerful towable 800amps, we can accommodate your welding requirement

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Distribution Boards 

Creative land equipment rental is trusted rental partner for quality products, our distribution boards are built with advance specification to meet your requirement at construction, oil/gas and especially for events.


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Load Sharing & Synchronization

Synchronization is the process of matching voltage, frequency, waverforms of generator, phase angle, phase sequence and other such parameters to a running power system.  A generator cannot deliver power unless these parameters are exactly matched with the network. Synchronization controls the exciter current and the engine speed of the generator. 


Continued Performance

Suitable for all load requirements 


High efficiency

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Power Cables

CREATIVE LAND have wide range of power cables in fleet starting from 10sq MM to 240Sq mm (1Core/4Core/5Core) in various length (5mtr/10mtr/20mtr/50mtr/100mtr) to meet your requirement.


Creative Land provides a qualitative range of diesel generator along with Power Cables:

• Power Cables as per the capacity of Gensets.

• Low, medium and high voltage cable can be supplied

• Rubber flexible Cables Ranging from 16mm² to 240mm², in various lengths

Copper wires with high flexibility 


High efficiency

Various lengths available

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Auto/Manual Change Over Switches 

Fully automatic mains failure sensing and generator set start signal


• Pre-programmed enabling the panel to run on installation with the ability to customize if necessary

• Fast acting switches reduce transfer times between set and utility power

• Available from 63 – 3200A

• Seamless integration with FG Wilson digital control panels Benefits FG Wilson’s range of intelligent Load Transfer Panels offer you peace of mind. The FG Wilson Load Transfer Panel range offers an electronically controlled response to power outages. With flexible, upgradeable options and a high level of functionality FG Wilson transfer panels provide 24-hour automatic control of standby generator sets, 365 days a year.

• Automatic and manual operation

• Automatically provides generator set start signal upon detection of mains failure, overvoltage or loss of phase

• Automatic mains re-transfer function

• Flexible, upgradeable options

• Test operations and sequences accessible from panel or remotely

• Manual switch operation possible via external handle

• LED functions display showing generator set / mains availability and switch position

• LCD display for voltage and timers

• Load transfer panel range meets ATS IEC 60947-6-1 standard

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Diesel Tanks 

Creative Land offers serveral options when it concerns diesel tanks. All our tanks are manufactured using heavy duty, top quality material. We also possess different models of diesel tanks to suit your specific needs.

  • Cylindrical Type (double and single wall)
  • Rectangular Type (double and single wall)

Large capacity of fuel storage 

Single/ double layer wall 

Forklift and lifting hooks

Convenient inlet and output openings

Transparent level gauge

Inspection hole

Main hole for maintenance and cleaning 

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